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France has played a large part in my life.

I moved here over 30 years ago . . . out of curiosity. I stayed because of love.
Love of the countryside. Love of the cuisine. Love of the wine. Love of the language.
And yes, even love of the people, who can sometimes be hard to love. But then again, can’t we all

I’ve come to feel at home here. It is home. I know what cuts to buy at the butcher
shop. What day a neighborhood has its open market. What day the different museums and monuments are closed. Which theaters specialize in little-known movies. Where
to change on the Métro and which car to be in to be closest to the exit.

Both my children were born and raised here. I built up my own business as a translator, and that eventually led to interpreting for visiting business executives and dignitaries. Which naturally led to suggesting restaurants or stores, and ultimately to planning and giving tours myself.

As I said, France has played a large part in my life. And it is the reason why I’ve created this website. In it you’ll find information about the custom-tailored tours I offer, and about the short-term rental of a very special apartment in Montmartre, complete with private garden. You will also find photographs of some of the magical places I have enjoyed visiting, as well as books that have their roots in France. There’s even a page on French cuisine, with a new recipe every month.

I hope you will enjoy this taste of La Belle France. And I love sharing it.

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